Bump On The Head Dad Hack!

Bump On The Head dad HackBump On The Head Dad Hack!

It never fails just when you’re having fun someone falls and smokes their head. That’s why I offer for you this bump on the head dad hack.

What Happened?

A few weeks ago my son and I were running around the yard having a great time when sure enough he goes careening around the play house and wham-o, he hits his head. It was a good one and it needed a bit of TLC. Instead of just throwing a BS “you’re fine” his way I opted for an ice pack but the back of the head and little hands doesn’t make for an easy application of frozen peas.

Here’s what I did.

I opened the freezer and inspiration hit me in the face! Moms frozen gel eye mask (not sure what its for she gorgeous already). It has a built in head band so I strapped it around his head and we went to watch some TV. Bump averted and now they often grab it for all kinds of owies!


Bump On The Head Dad Hack!

I sure hope this helps!

Happy Dadding everyone!

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