Dad Hack: Clean Your Portable AC


End of Summer: Clean Your Portable AC.

Summer is coming to a close so Im starting the yearly end of summer clean up. This weeks Dad Hack is the end of summer clean up for your portable AC unit.The first thing to get tackled is the portable AC unit. This ones from is Commercial cool brand unit that we have had for about 8 years. Its been super reliable and keeps the bedrooms cool in the summer. In order to keep it running like new it needs a little TLC. Every week I make sure to clean the filters and empty the condensed water. But the big clean is at the end of summer.

How to tackle this: Clean your Portable AC

As you can see in the pic below the grooves inside the unit get caked with dust. This can impact performance and make your reliable summer salvation unreliable. So lets clean up that portable AC unit.

clean your portable AC
Got a grimy Portable AC unit?

How to Clean it up.

This entire process only took me about 10 minutes per unit (we have 2). Grab a super small tooth brush. I used a GUM Brand infant tooth brush. There are tons available on AmazonCram it between the grates and GENTLY loosen the dust. Please brush gently a you dont want to bend the thin metal behind the grates.

NOTE: Be sure to check the size of your grates to ensure whatever brush you choose fits. A smaller brush will be a better fit.

clean your portable AC
Grab a Teeny, Tiny, Toothbrush


clean your portable AC

Clean up the Crud:

Now that all the grime from the inside is loose take you vacuum to it. The Dyson hand held is a super easy way to accomplish this especially since its light weight and crazy powerful although any vacuum will do. You can get this and other items also on Amazon.

clean your portable AC
Clean up the Crud.
Thats it!

Your Dad Hack end of summer clean for your portable AC unit up is now complete! Well for this job anyway. I hope this helps. Happy Dadding everyone.


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