Dads Super Simple Mushroom soup.

Dads Super Simple Mushroom soup.Dads Super Simple Mushroom soup.

This past Sunday was one of those days where we had yet to pick up groceries BUT we were craving some comfort food. I whipped up this gluten and dairy free soup with a couple of sandwiches on the side. I call it Dads Super Simple Mushroom soup. The recipe is below I hope you like it. Please note this does not need to be exact by any means. Check out my other recipes in Stuff To Eat

The Recipe

Chop 2 celery stalks, 1/4 white onion and about 10 mushrooms and place in a pot with a splash of oil

saute over medium heat until soft, about 6 minutes

remove these veg to a separate bowl.

Add one big spoonful of margarine ( we like Becel Vegan margarine, but anything will do…even butter)

add 2 cloves of mined garlic

Heat margarine until it browns (watch that your garlic doesn’t burn)

Quickly add a heaping spoonful of cornstarch and stir.

next add your liquid. I used Oat milk for this one but any milk or cream will do. I added roughly 3 cups.

Add your veg back in and heat until it thickens.

I found a splash of red wine vinegar helped the balance out the flavor.

That’s it! Dads Super Simple Mushroom soup.

Make it your own and tell me about it in the comments!



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