Heart Health.

Heart Health.

heart health
keep the engine running with some tips from a pro

Hey dads, we’re not getting any younger and our kids aren’t getting any slower. If you really want to keep up with your family you’ve got to take care of the guy who take care of everyone: You! This means taking care of your diet, your body, your mind and especially your heart health. When you consider that the World Health Organization (WHO) says that 31% of deaths world wide are from cardiovascular disease its time to start paying attention. This is why this month in Stuff To Read I recommend “One Heart Five Habits” by Dr. Sayeh Zielke.

Dr Sayeh Zielke, is a cardiologist by training. An expert in her field and one of the busiest cardiologists in Southern Alberta. She has written the ultimate guide to take care of your heart. In “One Heart Five Habits” Dr. Zielke answers the questions she is frequently asked by patients in her very busy cardiology clinic. She breaks those answers down into five simple, easy to follow step by step lifestyle practices that can help keep your engine running smoothly.

Dr Zielke covers some very important topics. Things like which foods to eat and to avoid, and how to reduce stress with exercise and rest. There’s also a handy app to keep track of it all. Lets face it if you don’t keep track how do you know if you’ve improved. I don’t know bout you but I want to not only be around for my kids but to enjoy my time with them as well. We keep our cars, homes, and tools running smoothly its time to take care of your heart as well.

So pick up a copy of this fantastic guide. You can get it by simply clicking the link below. Happy Dadding everyone.

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