Save Money

Lets face it having a family gets expensive and prices are just going up!

I want to help your family, and mine save money.

Below are a list of companies I work with that are designed to do just that….. Save Money.

I hope this helps.


Save Money


Hey did you know you can potentially save money, make money or get your home utilities for free?

I work with ACN which is a home services provider. I can potentially save you money on some of the services you use everyday because ACN offers loads of services (including electricity and natural gas) from the list of companies shown below.

We partner with other names you trust to get you the best deal. The best part is if you join my growing team you can potentially make some extra money on things people use everyday.

Click HERE to learn more.

Who is ACN? | Acne, Acn opportunity, Home based business opportunities



save money

For Your Pets.

This blog is dedicated to becoming a better dad. A better dad to all of our family members even the furry ones. Our dog Jack was our fist “kid” and an important part of the family, we even wrote a book about him. Jack has been a loyal and loving companion. Now with two small children Jack has to share the love and unfortunately doesn’t get as much time as he used to. That doesn’t mean we love him any less it just means we need to adapt our approach to our new reality. This means ensuring time for walks just for him, taking him to the outdoor rink, or to Bowdog, his favorite doggie day care.

We have teamed up with Pack Leashes to get fantastic products for him and discounts I can pass on to you! Use code: FJTSP20 for 20% off


save money

Help The Planet

Im obsessed with (and saddened) by the garbage we generate! I believe we can do more to make less trash.

Thats why Ive started using more reusable products. Some of them Ive purchased from Last Object.

Last Object is a company that is trying very hard to reduce single use products that clog land fills and oceans.

Click Here to get a discount and start reducing trash and helping the planet.

You can save some money on all those single use items we throw away.



Ive also started using SKIP THE DEPOT this awesome service picks up bottles and electronics for recycling along with clothing donations! They then put your refund into an account you can see and use readily OR you can donate it to local charities! Its a super easy way to help the world and free up your own time.


save money

For your Home

We recently bought an Endy mattress and we absolutely love it! Click here to get $55 off an Endy mattress.


Lastly everyone’s into crypto so why not me. Pi is an easy to mine new currency created by Stanford PhD’s. Its so user friendly it can be mined on your phone!! You can read about it for yourself HERE

Or use my link HERE to sign up. You press a button once a day to mine. Ive been doing it for over a year now and have a tidy little sum.


I hope it helps!