Shout out to @dads_of_twins_blog

Shout out to @dads_of_twins_blog

Recently I was contacted by a man named Ted who has started his own blog. Ted has a phenomenal goal of helping all dads but especially dads with twins. His focus is creating a sense of “community, support, and brotherhood among other Dads of Twins.”

This was the reason he contacted me. He is reaching out to all kinds of fathers to create a hub of information around being a dad. I certainly don’t have twins but he recognizes the importance of linking all fathers together. There’s an old saying:  “It takes a village to raise a child”. That’s exactly what Ted is accomplishing.

He is helping other dads by offering tons of useful information all centered around “community, support, and brotherhood.” Being a dad isn’t easy, I cant imagine what its like with twins. Lets learn from each other and connect! So on behalf of Ted and myself: We are here to help, we are in this together!

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and check out his website

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