Something for our Furry Family members.

This blog is dedicated to becoming a better dad. A better dad to all of our family members even the furry ones. Our dog Jack was our fist “kid” and an important part of the family, we even wrote a book about him. Jack has been a loyal and loving companion. Now with two small children Jack has to share the love and unfortunately doesn’t get as much time as he used to. That doesn’t mean we love him any less it just means we need to adapt our approach to our new reality. This means ensuring time for walks just for him, taking him to the outdoor rink, or to Bowdog, his favorite doggie day care.

This month we connected with  Aki-oka pets and ordered him his own cuddle blanket. In a house that is now dedicated to little human its nice to get him something just for him.

Aki-oka pets has a fantastic selection of high quality items for our furry family members. Feel free to check them out and use code Jack11 for a 25% discount.

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