TFTW: Thought For The Week, Oct 7 2019: Thanks a million!

Thanks a Million!

My thought for the week (TFTW) this week is Thanks a million. Ive been fortunate enough to receive some awesome reviews on some fantastic podcasts.  And to all those kind enough to share what I’m doing I say Thanks a million!

Parenting After Dark.

Thanks a million!
Wonderful praise from some wonderful people.

On September 26 2019 my book received some wonderful praise from some wonderful people; Mark and Kelly Stanton. Mark and Kelly host a podcast called Parenting After Dark. They were kind enough to review my book on their show, and discuss some of their favorite parts. I would like to say to them that “I’m super grateful for their time and attention. Thanks a million!! ”

I highly recommend their show to any parent who wants to be informed and entertained. Its reminds me of the daily download of info that my wife, Stefanie, and I go through at the end of each day.They have wonderful take on being parents. Its hilarious, informative, and fun.

Thanks a million to Mark and Kelly!

Dropbear and Panda Save The World.

Thanks a million
Thank you for the fantastic review.

On September 15 2019 the crew of my favorite podcast , ‘Dropbear and Panda Save the World’, were kind enough to review my book in Episode 55; Like a Hotdog in a Hurricane. I was humbled and flattered to hear such a glowing review. So I say to them: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! A quick mention would have been awesome but a 10 minute thorough review was incredible.

In case you haven’t listened in to their show they describe themselves as “One-part experiential journalism, one-part irreverent observational commentary.” But its so much more than that. Imagine you had a well read, well informed, outgoing, funny as hell friend and she came for dinner and brought her equally well read, well informed, outgoing, funny as hell significant other. That’s what this show feels like to me. Its interesting, informative, and funny! Maybe that’s why they were a 2019 CANADIAN PODCAST AWARDS nominee in so many categories.

Are they the greatest artists of our generation? Perhaps. Are they saving the world one podcast at a time? Definitely. So do yourself a favor and check out their show then ask yourself “How am I going to save the world this week?”

Thank you both very much!


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