The Rules of Life.

The rules of life


Our family has come up with some things we value as a family. We call them the rules of life. A friend of mine suggested many years ago that life boils down to two rules. You gotta ask and you gotta watch. Test it it applies to many situations. We decided to create some more of our own with input from our kids. My wife created a sign that we’ve hung on the wall as a reminder. We even keep each other accountable to them. My daughter has reminded of the rules many times.

It’s become for us a bit of an anchor. It helps foster a sense of belonging and accountability, even dare I say it’s part of our identity.


I appreciate we will all have our own individual value’s as well but as a group these are ours and we wanted to share them with you.


What does your family value? How do u keep a family identity?


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