The Great Money Project part 4

The Great Money Project part 4.

Here’s our newest update on our money project.

You can read about its inception HERE

Every year we start our project with a question. “How do you want to help the world?” The reason we ask that question is because of a simple belief that every job helps the world in some way. Try living without trash collection for a few weeks and you’ll see what I mean.

Usually the answer to the above question will focus on products that are easy for kids to make. Everything from fudge, to Christmas ornaments to cupcakes. They get to pick what they create and then they do the work (mom and I help where needed)

This year we have also added service as an offering. They decided to ask friends and neighbors if they can collect their bottles every month.

The kids need to go to the houses on our route, collect the bottles and then help at the bottle depot.

It’s been a fantastic way to expand their concept of helping the world.

Here’s What We Did This Year!

In Addition they are still creating products that they are interested in. In fact we were able to showcase some of them at a local craft fair. Thus began The Great Money Project part 4

On Nov 26 New Horizon Mall  allowed a big group of kids to use their center court to set up tables to display their homemade goods. There were loads of awesome items offered. From slime, paintings, balloon animals and plenty of homemade ornaments.

My kids decided to create Rainbow loom bracelets and some handmade “rustic” candle holders.

 These were simply small logs that I cut to length on my miter

    saw. The kids then had to use the drill press to drill the hole for the candle (I held the piece in place to protect little fingers)  

They then had to use the air

compressor to clean the saw dust off of them and then bundle these products into groups of 3 with some twine.

It was a ton of work but in addition to adding to their entrepreneurial skill and understanding of money as a tool they also learned how to use power tools. They learned about tool safety along with always wearing their goggles, masks and ear protection ( wear all your gear every time!)





An Awesome Activity To Connect.

I love creating things especially out of wood. It was a great way to connect with my dad when I was a kid and now it’s been a great way to connect with my own children.

This activity offers loads of creativity, problem solving and most importantly quality time. 

if you’re interested in this kind of activity with your kids check out Teds Woodworking for loads of great plans. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, an expert or something in between Teds has something for everyone.

I hope this helps Happy Dadding everyone!

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