The other day my son was continually asking me to go to the basement with him. He was looking for some LEGO.

I was prepping for my parents coming for dinner and told him that when I could I’d go to the basement with him when I could (its still a scary place to go alone when you’re little).

Eventually I needed some items from the basement for our dinner party and told him Id be heading down. I sent him to the toy room while I fetched what I needed.

With my arms full I met him in the toy room ready to head upstairs. I found him standing there empty handed. He was telling me I had to look for what he needed.

My arms were full and I didn’t know what he needed so he could look quick while I waited.

He begged and pleaded with me to help.

I said Id help but he should help him self

He stood there doing nothing

We went back a forth a few more times when in my frustration I said “come on buddy you gotta try stop being so lazy.”

He erupted into tears, ran to the corner and pulled hes knees to his chest screaming “I am not lazy!!”

I realized Id gone to far I apologized and helped him calm down. We then found the toy he needed.


That night I still felt pretty terrible.

I tucked him into bed and apologized again for what I said.

His response blew my mind. He said: “I am not lazy, lazy means you don’t do anything. I help in the kitchen and when we clean the house. I even help in the yard. I am not lazy!”


I was humbled. I felt ashamed by what I had said out of frustration.

It made me reevaluate my own behavior over the past day and reconnect with my personal belief of OVP. It made me create a system of calm for myself. Perhaps I had become lazy at being the kind of dad I wanted to be and it took my 5 year old son to educate me……..

Happy Dadding everyone……


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