Are you ready for more?

Thank You High Voltage Coaching!

are you ready for more?


Are you ready for more? That simple question is emblazoned on the front page of the High Voltage Coaching website.  Its a simple question with not so simple answers. It’s a question that invites you to level up your life and maybe even face some garbage. Hasn’t it been said that it’s our brilliance we are really afraid of? Happy Dadding is about becoming the best dad you can be. You cant do that by doing the same things over and over again. So Are you ready for more? Why am I telling you this?

Thanks a million Lindsay White!

Last September I won a silent auction item at a fundraiser. The “item” was 3, 1 hour sessions of professional coaching with a woman named Lindsay White. Ive always been curious about professional coaching, what it is, and how it can help. I had 3 very engaging phone calls with Lindsay where she helped me navigate the root cause not just the symptom of an issue that I felt was holding me back. Lindsay is a genuine, empathetic, and brilliant woman who takes a very sincere interest in her clients. Her simple questions (with not so simple answers) helped me navigate my own inner world to uncover things that I value. It helped me see the link between behaviors, which are obvious, and values which are not so obvious. In just 3 sessions Ive noticed a lasting positive impact on my life. So from Happy Dadding,  thanks a million Lindsay White! Thank you High Voltage Coaching!! I say to you if you are ready for more, call High Voltage Coaching today!!

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