Stuff to Eat: Super Simple Vegan Chili

Super Simple Vegan Chili:

super simple vegan chiliAfter watching the documentary “Game Changers” on Netflix a few weeks ago my wife and I decided to start incorporating some vegan dishes into our meal plan. Lets face it we can all stand to eat more vegetables. We demand that our kids eat them so lets show them how its done. That’s easy to say for a life long carnivore but where do you start? I had no idea so I came up with this Super Simple Vegan Chili recipe.






Where We Started:

wicked awesome chopping gadget

It seemed to me that taking any one pot meal that normally requires meat and veg was an easy place to begin. So I came up with this Super Simple Vegan Chili. I made this the same way I would any other chili I simple left out the beef, added more veg, including a grated potato to thicken it up. I used a wicked awesome chopping gadget from Amazon to make short work of this pile of veg. Its super quick and makes all the pieces the same size. Its so easy my son even gets in on the action.





Super Simple Vegan Chili recipe:

Grab a slow cooker or large stock pot.

Place over medium heat

Add about 2 table spoons of olive oil.

Chop up all your favorite veg and toss in the pot. Just add a bit more than you would normally.

Celery – 4 stalks

mushrooms – 10

carrots – 4

onion – 1

red or green pepper (or Both) – 1

Let those saute in the pot until soft. About 6 minutes

Now add

Black beans – 1 can

Mixed Beans – 1 can

Diced tomatoes – 1 can

tomato paste – 1 can

crushed garlic – 5 cloves (more or less depending on what you like)

Potato – 1 whole potato grated

Next stir in your seasoning. Add as much or as little as tastes right to you. Personally I like tons.

Chili powder




You can also add cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, oregano whatever makes sense to you.

Reduce to medium low heat and simmer for 30 minutes (longer if you’re using a slow cooker). You will notice there’s quite a bit of liquid in the pot from all the veg so let it simmer to reduce the liquid. Like with any chili recipe the longer it simmers the better it tastes.

There you have it! Super Simple Vegan Chili. Serve this beauty with some nutritional yeast for added flavor and nutrition. A slice of moms homemade corn bread goes perfectly with this. The corn bread recipe is from a cook book called:Fraiche Food, Full Hearts: A Collection of Recipes for Every Day and Casual Celebrations” by Jillian Harris and Tori Wesszer. Its absolutely dynamite!! Let me know what you think by clicking the contact me link. Hope you enjoy this. Happy Dadding everyone.


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