Julia’s Joy

Julia's Joy

Julia’s Joy

My brilliant friend and colleague, Kim Burns, has written an absolutely fantastic story about her daughter Julia called “Julia’s Joy”.

Kim tells the story of her daughter Julia desperately trying to find happiness as she seems to be having a rather bad day. Julia goes through many of the external solutions we all try in order to remedy a bad mood. She tries watching TV, shopping, among other things but nothing seems to work! Then with a bit of motherly advice and a new focus Julia is able to turn her frown around and learns a wonderful and valuable lesson.

I think books are such an awesome way to connect with our kids. Any time we can learn something new, be entertained, and spend time together its a win. This book does exactly that. It offers a new perspective wrapped in brilliant rhyme.

Congratulations Kim on this remarkable book! I absolutely love what you have created!

You can find Julia’s Joy on Amazon.

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