Rule #1 Investing

Rule #1 Investing

Stuff to Read will focus on a book called Rule #1 by Phil Town. Last August (2019) I attended a Tony Robbins seminar here in Calgary. A man named Phil Town was of the presenters and he spoke about how the average person can be an adept investor in as little as 15 minutes a week.  He called his program Rule #1 and its Warren Buffett style investing. Warren Buffett famously said that there are 2 rules to investing: “Rule 1 is don’t lose money, and Rule 2 is don’t forget rule 1.” In his talk he explained how a few simple strategies combined with straight forward analysis can generate consistent returns for the average person. I immediately signed up for his course and bought his book.

What I learned from Rule #1 Investing!

The book is called Rule #1 and it outlines the process for discovering wonderful companies that are on sale. A process Phil calls the 4M’s. You’ll learn how to discover what companies are meaningful to you. You’ll learn how to decide if those companies are strong enough to be around for 10 more years. And finally what price is fair for the companies you’re interested in.

This book has taught me that investing isn’t the complex terrifying mystery that it seems to be. In fact with Phil’s Rule #1 Investing I’m confident that with a little practice and a lot of prep I too can be an adept investor. With some basic math and reading you can alleviate a ton of risk to secure your financial future. Lets face it our lives aren’t getting less expensive. What kind of retirement do want to enjoy? What kinds of experiences do you want to have with your family? Wouldn’t it be nice take control of your own financial future to generate wealth for your retirement and potentially for generations to come? I highly recommend that you read this book!

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