Shout out to Damon Dietz

Shout out to Damon Dietz

I love all the people I get to meet through my site! I’ve recently been in contact with another dad trying his best to help dads around the world.

His name is Damon Dietz he is “a writer, filmmaker, and professional speaker, who shares his knowledge of finance, health and life from the perspective of a divorced dad over 40”. We all know dadding aint easy but being a single dad must be particularly tough.

That’s why he’s created this site and You tube channel. He is “offering parenting, health, finance and life advice for single dads.”

The focus on those areas of well being should be of the utmost importance to all fathers. We can all benefit from this unreal set of skills. So to all dads, single dads in particular, check out Damon’s site, Instagram, and you tube channel.

He knows how you feel and what you’re going through. In fact he has inspired me to add the HDN (Happy Dadding Network) to the menu.

On behalf of Damon Dietz and myself: We are here when you need us!

Happy Dadding everyone.

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