Face Cakes!

Face Cakes!

This weekend my daughter turned 8 years old. To kick off the celebration she asked me to make pancakes. Not just any pan cakes something we call Face Cakes. Face Cakes are just wacky shaped pancakes that you stack on a regular pancake to make a face.

face cakes!face cakes!

STEP 1. Make a few standard round pancakes the way you’d normally do¬† (We added some Fruity Pebbles Cereal to our to make them look cool)

face cakes!face cakes!

STEP 2. Make some smaller randomly shaped pancakes that will become the features of your face cake

face cakes!

STEP 3. Stack the bits together to make a face. Get creative with other foods like fruit and different syrups or sauces (chocolate sauce for example).

This is tons of fun and I hope you enjoy it!

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Happy Dadding everyone.


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