Money Project

Money Project


Wow our money project has been going swimmingly! Thank you to every who has been so supportive of this endeavor. If you haven’t been following along you can read about it HERE


I’m so excited for my kids. Last year my daughter aimed to earn $500 over the school year. Thanks to her hard work and the generosity of friends family and strangers she made $700!!!


This year she said “I might as well up my goal to $800 dad!” And her little brother has decided to help.


Again they must save at least half which will be invested. We’ve also decided to make charity part of the project. They will donate some of their funds to a charity they choose. Last year was the World Wildlife Fund.

This year thanks to my wife Stefanie’s bakery (The Incredible Cakery) their business focused on cakes, cupcakes, cookie boxes, candy bark and Christmas ornaments. They had to pay for all their own supplies and they had to do much of the work (except using the oven)


They also had to talk to their customers and ask for the business.


So far It’s been going really well. It’s fun coming up with new ways to generate income. In fact and as of today we have self published a book on Amazon called “All About Unicorns” that she has written and illustrated all on her own.


It’s been so much fun educating them and myself on the tool that we chase our entire lives. My goal is to give them a deep understanding of money and help them create healthy habits and a positive relationship with it all while developing some entrepreneurial skills along the way.

If we do this properly their entrepreneurial skills along with the money that’s invested will help them for their entire lives!


Why the heck don’t they teach this in school?




Thank you all for the continued support. We will keep you updated on our progress.



Happy Dadding everyone

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